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Operational Support

City North provide a range of operational support services:

Scheduling Engineering Works

City North has numerous engineering facilities around the world, who regularly advise us of  their availability and capability. All aircraft have to be certified and routine maintenance adjusted to suit their operational requirements. City North can plan a straightforward and effective strategy to achieve a fully compliant aircraft on the route. Time, skill and the ability to comply is essential for an engineering company to complete work efficiently City North offer a management package to safeguard the value and security of the work provided by a third party engineering company.

City North will approve and manage all requirements on behalf of the aircraft owners.

Support during Purchase/Sale

Aircraft evaluation for a particular purpose is a skilled and highly specialised job. City North can advise whether a particular aircraft type or types are suitable for client’s intentions, not just with regard to operational requirements, but those of national and international aviation authorities.  The purchase  or sale of an  aircraft is a specialised service and requires knowledge of the legal  and financial requirements to achieve a complex procedure smoothly and efficiently, which is one of City North’s areas of expertise.

Limitations cost money and time and the right a/c for a particular job can often be disguised. The purchase and sale of an a/c is again specialised and the legal  requirements for international purchase and sales are complex and within City North’s sphere of knowledge.


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