Crew training

Crew Training (flight, ground and simulator)

At City North, we are committed to providing a high standard of training programs tailored to meet our customers’ operational requirements.

In particular, we can arrange effective training programs to assist with the transition of an aircraft when moving from a wet lease to a dry lease.

Operations / ground staff

During the transitional period, City North will assign a member of staff to the airline’s base of operation to complete any training required.

Cabin Crew

Even with a wet Lease, it is common for the operator to use their own cabin crew, known as a damp-lease. For this, we have a highly experienced senior cabin crew trainer to oversee the training program, which can usually be completed at the airline’s base of operation.

Flight Crew

We contract experienced staff  with many years of service with well-established airlines to manage the training requirements of the fleet type. All courses are tailored meet the relevant national civil aviation authority requirements, who will have oversight of and ultimately  approve the courses.

Working closely with companies such as UK-based, Jet Simulation Limited, we can ensure that all training facilities we use for our training programs are fully approved, offering state of the art in simulator technology.

The transitional period for crews to transfer to a dry lease is approximately three months. Our training programs are designed so that the majority of the training can be completed on revenue flights, minimising the cost and disruption to the airline.

Where possible, we will arrange for training to be undertaken at you base of operation. Let us know what your requirements are and City North will produce an effective program tailored to your needs.

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