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We provide a range of consultancy services to clients including:

Fleet Integration

Essential for airline efficiency and with City North’s knowledge in this field and airline can face the problems with integration confidently and with expediency, fully understanding the implications of a non-integrated a/c.

AOC Research and Development

City North Team will provide a fully integrated AIR OPERATORS LICENCE application for the associated location of operation. Specialised personnel  with skills and knowledge can guide the application through the maze of requirements and advise the nominated post holding positions required. Supervision during the start up phase and introduction of STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES  ensure that a safe, efficient and profitable  model will be flying.

Research and Development

Our experience in city North extends to the evaluation of the customer’s requirements.  Airline route evaluation / aircraft suitability / and Civil Aviation requirements in the region.

SOP Development

Simple SOP’S add value to a good operation, City North’s policy is formulated from years of experience regulating flights of all types. An SOP policy is required to be written specifically to A/c type and route and class of flight.

Support during Purchase/Sale

Aircraft evaluation is a skilled and highly specialised job , expensive and thoroughly worthwhile as efficiency in an operation should recognise all of the problems associated with an a/c operational performance, maintenance restrictions etc.

Limitations cost money and time and the right aircraft for a particular job can often be disguised. The purchase and sale of an aircraft is again specialised and the legal  requirements for international purchase and sales are complex and within City North’s sphere of knowledge.

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